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These charming guest apartments are located in the very heart of the romantic Old Town of Haapsalu – where medieval heritage meets today’s cultural delights. Rich in history and culture, Haapsalu will surprise you with its unique beauty and kindness. Our central location offers you the perfect opportunity to experience Haapsalu to the fullest. Surrounded by restaurants and fine arts, you are just a short walk away from everything to make your stay especially memorable.
Hapsal Dietrich offers five newly renovated (2015-2016) apartments, using only natural high quality materials. The apartments differ by their size and interior, but all appear in soft creamy tones, bathed in a warm natural light. These airy apartments create a warm relaxing atmosphere and a home-like feeling the instant you enter the door. All rooms portray a tasteful blend of old and new and the wide variety of higly valued Estonian design and local handicrafts add a complementary touch.
Each apartment has a sunny terrace or a balcony and the private courtyard holds a free parking spot for each guest.


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Free Wi-Fi access 


Terraces & balconies

Free parking in courtyard