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Hapsal Dietrich Guest Apartments are located in the very heart of the romantic Old Town of Haapsalu – right by the ancient walls of the Haapsalu Castle. We offer three renovated apartments, which have been built using only natural high-quality materials. The apartments differ by their size and interior, but all appear in soft tones, bathed in a warm natural light. These airy apartments create a warm relaxing atmosphere and a home-like feeling the instant you enter the door. All rooms portray a tasteful blend of old and new and the wide variety of highly valued Estonian design and local handicrafts add a complementary touch.
Each apartment has a sunny terrace or a balcony and the private courtyard holds a free parking spot for each guest. 



 W i t h   l o v e . . .


 Free Wi-Fi


Terraces and balconies

Free parking in the courtyard


Tea and coffee in the room

2 bottles of water

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